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We are sending this email to you on behalf of the [Your School Name] School PTA in the hopes that you might possibly consider participating in (or sponsoring) our new digital School Kindness Fundraiser, the [Your School Name] “Smile Feed”, as we are trying to raise funds for [Reasons You Are Raising Funds] by spreading as much digital happiness as possible.
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If you might like to participate, then you can do so one of two ways (or both):
  1. By submitting a positive post to our “Smile Feed” that you feel will make people smile.
  2. By making a financial contribution of any amount whatsoever to our school.

If you were to choose to do either of these, then we would be extremely grateful! In addition, you would be publicly recognized on our digital school “Smile Feed” which can be seen via our school website, our social media platforms, and our digital newsletters. You would also receive a donation verification for any financial contribution, as any financial donations would be completely tax deductible.

We are using this method of fundraising for 3 primary reasons:
  1. Unless you request otherwise, we would like to use a portion of our contributions to publicly “Thank” each and every person and business that chooses to contribute to our school.
  2. If you would like to make a contribution to our school, then we would rather not “corner” you into purchasing something that you may not truly want or need – especially during the current social distancing situation (as even after expenses, this Fundraising Platform allows us to keep a larger majority of the profits than would most other fundraisers).
  3. By using this method, hopefully, you will not feel pressured into giving anything at all unless you truly wish to, as even the smallest gift or positive message will be most appreciated.
PLEASE DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED TO PARTICIPATE. However, if you would like to make a positive post to our digital “Smile Feed”, or if you would like to make a financial contribution of any kind, then please click the applicable button below.

We can’t thank you enough for your possible consideration and have included a link to our school’s positive “Smile Feed” with the hope that you will enjoy all of the positive posts that our students, teachers, parents, and community members have submitted. We hope that our efforts to create more smiles and to leave a positive digital imprint will make all of our sponsors proud to be such an incredibly important part of the [Your School Name] SCHOOL FAMILY.



This button allows potential Contributors and Business Sponsors to use your “Smile Feed” Fundraiser to make a financial contribution to your school.
  1. All contributions go directly to your custom school account. We do not touch your contributions and students do not collect pledge money.
  2. We place the names of all financial contributors alongside your “Smile Feed” as a public “Thank You” for their financial support.
  3. We can place Sponsor Image Buttons with website links alongside your “Smile Feed” for making a contribution of an amount of your specification (ex: anything above $500).
  4. We follow up with every financial contributor to your “Smile Feed” Fundraiser by sending them a customized “Thank You” message and tax deduction form on your behalf.
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