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YouUplift is home to 2 positive social media platforms. (1.) The YouUplift School Kindness Wall is a Platform where students can go to post positive/uplifting messages about one another while giving faculty members 100% push-button control over which messages will become visible (thus ensuring that ONLY positive messages, quotes, pictures, and gifs will ever become available for everyone to see). The School Kindness Wall is currently being used by thousands of students and teachers in Elementary, Middle, and High Schools nationwide, as students have now used the Platform to display over 50,000 positive messages about one another! (2.) The YouUplift Scroll & Smile Feed is a Positive Social Media Platform for adults that combines a daily feed of the most positive/uplifting internet and social media material (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, Tik Tok, Memes, Gifs, World News, Sports) and allows users to vote for, share, and create their own posts. All posts are moderated before becoming visible, thus ensuring that ONLY posts of positive intent will ever become visible. Weekly cash and school resources valuing almost $1,000 are distributed to the creators of the top posts!



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We Rise by Lifting Others.”
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